The time has come to start journaling

cofNow that I know how to make beautiful journals and after having seen so many examples of other people’s journals and seeing some really cool methods of journaling the time has come for me to start my own journal – January 1st 2018 is the day I will start. To me journaling means using lots of embellishments that make me happy and to make the journal come alive over the weeks and months of next year. I have started doing my research firstly by following people on Instagram and then checking out the websites that they reference. These are mostly based outside of the UK, washi tape is very popular but so expensive in the UK, it is actually cheaper to buy from China on ebay with free shipping but the delivery can be up to one month – hence my start date of Jan 1st. I also think starting anything on the first day of the year is a good thing, it pressures you into keeping it up.

What type of journal will I keep?
As per most people I love a list so journaling is a good way to do this, you can list anything, here are a few to start with:

1. List what you are grateful for
2. List the places you want to go
3. List your favourite books
4. List the people who inspire you
5. List the things that feel like home

After some more research there is a website that lists 52 lists – one for every week of the year. Guess this is a good place to start. There is so much information online to help you with deciding what type of journal you want to keep. You just need to sit down and decide what you want to do.

Journal Prompts
Lots of people also use quotes as journal prompts. I love this idea as I am a fan of quotes and write them down in a notebook when I see them. They can also become your daily affirmations. People also use visual journaling prompts – you leaf through magazines and cut out any images that catch your attention, you can then use each one as a prompt. You can do the same with photographs and discounted art books.

What to write
There are so many things you could write about:

1. Your emotions
2. Rituals and traditions
3. Ask “if” questions
4. Childhood memories
5. Thinking of the week that just ended
You can also use your journal as your diary with appointments, birthdays, shopping lists, planning ahead, etc – it is entirely up to you.

Your journal is YOUR journal so do what YOU want to do and have fun.

Below of some images from some of the people follow on Instagram, they do some great journaling.



Smile everyday


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