2 of my most favourite things: books and candles in one place

Candle main image

A couple of weeks ago I went to a candle making workshop, I have always wanted to know how to make candles as I have bought so many of them and spent a fortune on them. On Eventbrite (I love this app) my friend saw Literati & Light (such a cool name) candle workshop at a Penguin pop-up store. What more could one wish for, making a wonderful candle whilst surrounded by books – I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The workshop took place on the last day of the pop-up on Shoreditch High Street and they were doing buy one book get one book free, the day just kept getting better and better.

We got to choose between 2 scents – Wuthering Heights or Pemberley (from Pride & Prejudice). The company Literati & Light (www.literatiandlight.com) make candles that are inspired by great works of literature  – such a wonderful idea. The ingredients in Pemberley remind you of Mr Darcy’s estate, the fragrance captures the scent of the woods, lawns, and flower gardens of Pemberley. Imagine reading Pride & Prejudice whilst burning your candle and the scent wafting over you. Both scents were really nice but it could only ever be Pemberley for me – Pride & Prejudice is one of the books I read every year along with The Great Gatsby. We were given an empty tin and labels to stick on, we then stuck our wick to the bottom of the tin using some silicon. We were then given some melted wax which we poured our scent into, whisked thoroughly and poured into the tin stopping halfway. We left the wax to set which was the perfect opportunity to browse the bookshop – so many books. Once the wax had set we poured more wax and left to set before putting the lid on. Once you have the ingredients it seems quite easy to make candles, these were made with soy wax which is the best type of wax due to the way it burns – who knew. I have now bought a candle making starter kit and some scents so will give it a go at home. I walked away from the workshop having learned how to make my own candles and a stack of books – it really was a perfect day spent with a dear friend.

 Smile every day


DC xoxo

Author: dellasbeautifulinterestinglife

I love to smile

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